About Us

We are two sisters in a family full of boys (4 of them to be exact) Sometime during our teen years the nickname "Shwin" was created and we both used it when talking to each other. Shortly after everyone in our family began using the nickname as well.
Growing up our dad would ask us everyday 
"what did you do today to push back the frontier of ignorance?" 
This is us trying to show him how we are pushing back the frontier of ignorance.

*I have Three kids, Jude(7), Abbey(5) and, Penny(1)
*I have a loving husband who supports all my crazy adventures
*I love to create anything but I tend to just sew
*My first love was with embroidery
*I was a licensed hair dresser for 8 years
*I am a Beatles fan (they may have influenced my kids names)
*I love to learn new things and try to daily
*I Created Shwin Designs (my pattern line) in late 2011
*I like diet coke, likely more than I should.
*If I could swim all day everyday I would, I love the water
*My kids are my life and I am honored to be their mother 

*I have two dogs a puggle and a boxer
*I have a loving husband
*I used to model and loved traveling around the world
*I am a licensed aestheticism, I primarily do laser treatments
*I love all things fashion
*I have an artsy side
*I love to paper craft
*I grew up a tomboy
*I still love sports
*I adore my family

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